Increase Semen Volume

It is known that if you increase semen volume in the body, it can help to make your orgasm last longer and be more satisfying. The pleasure you receive during climax is down to several muscles rapidly contracting and relaxing to fire out ejaculate and is known to stop when there is no more fluid. If you increase semen volume, it could mean that your muscles need to spasm for longer, which could work to improve orgasm length and the enjoyment you get from them.

How can you increase semen volume?

Now that you know enhancing levels of seminal fluid can impact the potency length of your climaxes, you are more than likely wanting to know how you can go about doing it.

Change your diet

Many experts agree that a great way to increase semen volume is just to try and follow a healthy lifestyle. This could include watching what you eat, by avoiding too much junk food and attempting to eat more portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day.

In addition to this, you could increase semen volume by ditching your favourite fizzy drink and replacing it with water. It is recommended that you drink 2 litres a day and if you do so it could massively impact the amount of ejaculate your body creates, seeing as it is known that fluids play a big role in semen production.

Do some exercise

How regularly do you exercise? Engaging in some sort of physical activity, and feel free to use your imagination here, three to four times a week can increase semen volume. This is because exercise, especially weight lighting, helps your body to release testosterone, which is known to be essential to male virility.

Something you may want to try are Kegel exercises. If you do not know how to perform Kegels, the next time you visit the toilet just stop your flow mid stream. Once you know how to do this exercise, you are free to perform it at will. It is a very discreet exercise and can be done practically anywhere, while you wait in traffic or while you sit at your desk at work.

By doing Kegels regularly you can increase semen volume, as this exercise is known to give you greater control over your climax.

Kick your habits

Smoking and drinking can negatively affect levels of ejaculate in your body; by giving up these vices you could not only increase semen volume, but also benefit your overall health as well.

Get vitamins into your life!

If you are not doing so already, try and get more vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your diet. This is because it has been found that deficiencies can be a contributing factor behind low levels of seminal fluid in the body.

You can get essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E and Zinc from the food you eat but you can also take supplements. This approach is an easy way to make sure that you get the recommended amount of that vitamin to help give you that turbo charge you need.